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Cape Projects Construction

We are a building Company located in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town.

The experience of the team ranges from project management to construction with over a 1 000 units completed in the past 12 years. Residential gated communities are the arena where most of our work has been carried out and we consider ourselves expert in this segment of the building sector.

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Project Management
  • Construction timeframes
  • Site Planning
  • Contractors appointments
  • Supplier Contracts
  • Price negotiations
  • Quality control measures
  • Day to day management of materials, contractors and timeframes
  • Health and safety Management
  • Environmental Management
We have the capability of performing in all aspects of the building industry from the submission of building plans on greenfield sites to the final product, which includes managing the entire life cycle of the build. We are NHBRC registered and build to the highest standards as required by industry regulations.

Among our strongest attributes are our meticulous organising and planning capabilities with a great track record of delivering to pre-determined timelines. We utilise the latest technology, bespoke to our needs, to keep track of every miniscule detail from budgetary efficacy to the planning and implementation of construction.

In short, we strive to plan well, build well and finish well.
  • Project Planning
  • Project Financial planning
  • Liaison with professional team. Architect, Engineers and council

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